Virgin Coconut Oil – A Glimpse


Coconuts are massively cultivated primarily in the southern states of India. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh annually produce billions of coconuts that are traded across the globe. The history of coconuts goes back to the ancient times when the coconut-juice or water was extracted from mature coconuts for medication purposes. Gradually, with the advent of technology, coconuts began to be processed using machinery and labour to extract oil for edible and cosmetic reliefs.

At this juncture, where there is an availability of similar goods in the market, selecting the right quality of the product so as to ensure health is quite an ordeal. Where there is competition among brands, picking up goods from the rack to buy them just because the packaging seems appealing, is not logically sound. Amidst this shopping conundrum, coconut oil still stands out to be the widely used and doctor recommended oil for cooking, medication and cosmetic purposes.


benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is a profound source of natural saturated fats and it potentially transforms bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. It is primarily used for domestic and medicinal purposes. Besides being a natural nutrition agent, coconut oil serves the following benefits.

benefits of coconut oil on skin

Coconut oil is an incredible source of moisture on skin and hair and fills in the nutritional discrepancies. The presence of Vitamin E makes it a perfect moisturizer.

Coconut oil is highly recommended as a cooking ingredient because of its ability to boost the digestion of food. It enables the absorption of vital nutrients and actively accommodates fat-soluble, vitamins, calcium and magnesium into the body.

healthy woman after using coconut oil
coconut oil promotes healthy hair and scalp

Coconut oil efficiently repairs the dry scalp and promotes healthy hair growth and is therefore a mainstream cosmetic input.

How is virgin coconut oil extracted?

The extraction of oil from mature coconut seeds follows a certain series of conventions that vary from domestic to industrial practices. At first, the tough shells are manually removed and the coconut juice or water is taken out of the seeds. The coconut meat is now processed and milk is extracted using cold-process and sent to centrifuge for the extraction of the oil.

The identity of pure coconut oil depends on its ability to solidify when kept in cold storage lest separate layers of oils are noticed on the surface.

Interesting uses of virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is an efficient make-up remover and prevents skin from damage. Throw in some coconut oil and gently massage your face with sanitized wipes and watch your skin radiate a decent glow.

Adding a spoon of coconut oil to your coffee gives you an extra boost of energy. It is highly useful especially if you are lactose intolerant.

Try adding coconut oil to your morning bread and toast. It avoids artery-clogging and adds a natural aroma to your bread.

You can prolong the life of your eggs by adding coconut oil coating to the eggshells before storing them in your refrigerators.

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