A Few Words About Us

Why did we start Neo Sanjivani?

What does a person want? Live a good life with the best health. But in the era of urbanization, finding good quality products that have healthy living features are rare. Some works, some don't. But our ancestors who were enjoying good health didn't have the privilege of hospitals and lucrative treatments with chemical drugs. Without it, they were fitter and healthier than us. 

Our firm belief in Natural Medicines and Ayurveda has made us start this establishment to transform healthy living. We're a brand bringing quality to life through health, wellness and mindfulness products. Our product range is curated and sourced ethically from natural biospheres, organic farms, small farmers and local tribes for their healthy living features, simultaneously supporting their livelihoods.


Meticulously Crafted with love using natural and organic ingredients.

Premium Quality

Only the best from the rest!

Curated Products

Curated for your Wellness.


Sourced ethically from the pristine biospheres & organic farms.


No living being is harmed or exploited.


Lab tested and approved by recognized organization.